Kids Republic Gymnastic program is a sports club designed for baby, kids, and teenagers aged 6 months to 16 years old. With our child friendly facility, we create a fun way for children to exercise using our specialized Leaders Curriculum to bring out the best from our little ones. Maximal learning (windows of opportunity) happens especially in the golden age (0 - 5 years), meaning you will see your little ones progress remarkably with appropriate stimulation physically, academically, socially and morally as well. Leaders Curriculum will promote the following skills: Our activities promote team-building, communication skills, instil values and enable children to be physically fit. We believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.


  • Stimulate Your Senses: Sensorial exploration, using manipulative materials, enables children to maximize their creative potential.
  • Move Your Body: Rhythmic dancing helps our little ones to develop listening skills, love for music and whole body awareness. Music and movement are great for their emotional wellbeing.
  • Tumble & Crawl: It utilizes physical activities to burn energy while developing body coordination, balance, spatial awareness and gross motor skills. It also helps our little ones to stay fit!
  • Leaders Maximizers: Activities are designed to teach leadership skills, teamwork, social skills, confidence and good moral values. These skills will enable children to be socially competent in life.


(6 - 12 Months) 
It’s time to teach your baby to control conscious movements, like crawl, roll and stand. It’s also best time to bond with your baby through physical activities. You can also watch their motoric progression everyday.
(12 - 24 Months) 
Let them walk around the class so they can explore new environments, new friends, and new experiences. Let them climb, hang and roll on their favorite equipments. At this level, they also will get dance and swimming classes.
(2 - 3 Years) 
At this age, they know what they want and they learn to understand what they do. Guide them to get better improvement. Let them run so they can learn faster.
(3 - 4 Years) 
They will learn to be a leader for their own self. It’s time to teach them to be responsible and independent. They will explore their potential and enhance & develop it everyday, such as balance, agility, flexibility and strength.
(4 - 6 Years) 
They get stronger and faster at this age, it’s time to challenge them to do more difficult skills at gym, dance and swimming pool. Best age to pvrepare them for better physical activities in primary school.
(6 - 14 Years) 
Your kids are entering level of competition with the different standard. At Gymnastic Academy, we prepare your kids for achievement in Gymnastic field by various training of speed, strength, balancing, agility, and flexibility.