Kids Republic provides a wide range of club activities/ extracurricular to support our student’s motoric and socio-emotional developments. These activities are designed to meet our student’s talents and hobbies in the field of non-academics but are equal in importance as part of their educations. In older classes (4 – 6 years old), students are compulsory to join club activities as a part of our holistic curriculum. Whereas it is optional for our younger students (2 – 4 years old).

Gymnastic Extracurricular

  • Gymnastic (1x/ week)
  • Kids Dance (1x/ week)
  • Intro to Sport (1x/ week)
  • Little Futsal (1x/ week)
  • Karate Kids (1x/ week)
  • Taekwondo (1x/ week)

Other extracurricular activities:

  • Ballet Kids Republic x RAFA International Dance School
  • Swimming
  • Kids Republic x Gen Cerdik Fun Science
  • Kids Republic Robotic
  • Kids Republic x Haqiqi Qur’an Learning