Our facility is purposely built for children. We understand that a child’s first significant time away from home and first exposure to structured learning occurs at Kids Republic. Knowing this, we make our centres feel like a home away from home for children and families alike. Our centres are purpose-built to foster an environment where children feel comfortable, safe, and ready to learn. With attention to every detail, we design our centres to ensure and encourage a child’s natural curiosity and creativity. We have carefully selected our furniture, accessories, and supplies to match the children’s age and size in order to make sure that their introduction to learning is comfortable, enjoyable, and fun!

Our Facility Features :

  • Full Equipment Classroom
  • Gymnastic Hall
  • Sport Hall
  • Children Playground
  • School Clinic
  • Dance Studio
  • Art Lab
  • Science Lab
  • School Library
  • ICT Lab
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Musholla
  • School Cafetaria
  • School Bus
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children Development Clinic