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Founders Profile

Putri Zulkifli Hasan, M.Bus

" Futri is passionate about children's education in Indonesia. She has studied Multiple Intelligences and believes that, in addition to academic inteligence, we need to also focus on spiritual and emotional intelligences. Futri believes that is the combination of these three intelligences that will make a person whole and bring out the leader in him."

Zita Anjani, M.Sc

Zita Anjani is passionate about children and their education in particular. The birth of her daughter enabled her to discover this passion. Her curiosity leads her to a deep understanding of the importance of early childhood education and Montessori education. Zita feels that children's early years are the 'golden age' or the prime age for learning. She believes that, at that age, children have the inner love for learning "

Soraya Zulkifli Hasan S.Pd

" Mrs. Soraya ZH is the mother of Futri & Zita. She is one of the initiator of Kids Republic and continues to inspire us in every possible way. Mrs. Soraya is multitasking mother of 4, who is also owners of various culinary cafes and restaurant. She is also active in various organizations and an active in promoting education through out Indonesia."